Due to a change in LDAP configuration options, upgrading from CycleServer 5.x to 6.x causes authentication through the UI to break.  Follow these steps to re-setup LDAP.

1. Create a temporary admin user by creating a file named "admin-recover.txt"

AdType = "AuthenticatedUser"
Name = "admin-recover"
RawPassword = "admin"
Roles = {"Administrator"}
Superuser = true

Execute these commands:

$ chmod 777 admin-recover.txt
$ mv admin-recover.txt /opt/cycle_server/config/data/
$ ls /opt/cycle_server/config/data/

If successful you'll see there is a new file named: "admin-recover.txt.imported"  You'll then be able to log on with username: admin-recover , password: admin

2. Re-enable LDAP authentication.  

Top right menu -> Settings -> Authentication -> LDAP


check enable

URL = ldaps://ldap.example.com

Template = CN=$Name,dc=ldap,dc=example,dc=com

3. Remove the admin-recover user.